The Story of Forlora®

The Story of Forlora&#174
I have three children. Eli is the oldest, Carrie the middle and Laura the youngest. For the majority of their lives they were raised eating home cooked organic foods. I baked their bread, cooked without sugar, didn't use food colorings and sometimes subjected them to crazy, unusual, concoctions. If given the chance they would share some hilarious stories about those "far-out" remedies!

All three of my children were conscious food consumers but as Laura grew into a beautiful young woman she was the most conscientious with the foods she ate and she sought wellness in her life. So, when at the age of 25, she was suddenly diagnosed with a large malignant brain tumor, we were all shocked. Of all people, she was the last we would think would develop cancer.

While the Neurosurgeon was informing us about the tumor, where it was located and what damage and impairment it could cause during its removal, Laura repeatedly asked the Surgeon to explain to her what kind of damage there would be should she choose surgery. It was obvious that the Neurosurgeon did not want to answer, but Laura continued to bravely press him to answer her question about what the damage would be if they tried to remove the tumor. When he finally reluctantly answered he said, "As an example, if your Mom entered the room you would recognize her but if she began talking about the clock, you wouldn't understand what she was saying." Laura replied, "I would rather live a short meaningful life, than a long meaningless one." She had made up her mind, and I was determined to support her in her decision. After much research Laura chose to enter an FDA trial with a promising treatment developed by Dr. Burzynski.

Laura began the Burzynski treatment and after 8 months the tumor was declared non-active by a PET scan and she was removed from the IV treatment. Unfortunately, two months later the tumor turned into a fast growing tumor and she was again placed on the IV Burzynski treatment. During her treatment, Laura lived a happy, meaningful life but unfortunately, she died two months later after the tumor unexpectedly hemorrhaged.

One day before she passed on, we were sitting outside on the porch swing and she said, "Mom, of course I hope I live, but if my body begins to die, please don't let them do anything to me, just let my body go." She went on to say, "Mom you are the only one strong enough to do that." She was asking me to just let her go if her body began to die and not to let them keep her body alive with extraordinary means."

Laura was a Baha'i and in the Baha'i Faith they don't embalm the body and they wash and shroud the body for burial. I had never seen a shroud used or tended to the body a deceased person, so I was unprepared for her passing as well as the details to tend to her body for burial. We did tend to her body with dignity and respect, but it would have been less stressful had we had what we needed.

Although, Forlora was first created to assist those of the Baha'i Faith, during its' formation I discovered that a growing population of people are seeking a more natural burial and thus, we have two sites; one to accommodate those of the Baha'i Faith and for the general public.

Forlora was conceived in loving memory of Laura, For-Laura...Forlora, and it is my earnest prayer and sincerest wish that Forlora will become a source of information, comfort, and assistance to families as they loving tend to the body of their loved one.