Welcome to Forlora!

Life is a Circle! Birth....Living.....and Leaving this World!

Welcome to Forlora®!

Forlora Designs..... addressing the "Circle of Life!"

Forlora® is dedicated to providing high quality, natural, organic products, to help us live better while we are here and to more naturally tend to the body as it "leaves this world."

The loss of someone you love is significant to your life, and we at Forlora® strive to serve families with compassion, care and dignity.

  • The natural organic ForloraShrouds™ biodegradable burial shroud provides a means to lovingly tend to the body of your loved one.
  • Our Natural Legacy Wool Caskets are made from pure British Wool and are 100% biodegradable caskets and approved by the Green Burial Council.
  • The Pre-Planner provides you with a format to state your wishes.
  • Visit our Resource Library which contains FREE downloadable helpful articles and videos on the topics of grief management and burial information and is free.

  • For those of the Baha'i Faith please visit our website for Bahai's.

    The End-of-Life journey is as individual as birthing and similar in it's experience. We seek to support individuals who are wishing to move through this life event in a more natural compassionate manner by providing what you need to bury your loved one with....Dignity - Honor and Respect.

    Forlora® was conceived after the passing of my 26 year old daughter Laura. Click here to read about the Forlora story.

    Forlora® is concerned with the "circle of life!" Whether it's using organic, natural burial shrouds, or cooking with a solar sun oven, Forlora is about quality and dignity, both in life, as well as in death.

    Eating well can be fun! Using a solar Sun Oven is safe, easy and fun. Simply place the food in the Sun Oven and allow the sun to do all the work. Save time and energy! Cook with the Sun Oven and save our natural resources while saving your own energy as well! Learn about the Sun Oven!